Maximize the Productivity of Your Virtual Meetings

and ensure a high-performance team.

Conducting virtual meetings has become a necessity. For many, virtual meetings are new and unfamiliar. Although we're all trying to do our best with virtual meetings, often, these meetings could undoubtedly be better.

The good news is that it's possible to learn how to run excellent virtual meetings. All it takes is some adaptations to the tried and true skills and techniques for running in-person meetings and applying them to the virtual context.

In this complimentary course, my partner and I bring our over 35 years of experience and research on running meetings to teach you how to optimize your virtual meetings.

— Heather

Course Overview

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • What You Will Learn

  • 2

    Meeting Element #1-Preparing

    • Logistics and Agenda

    • Meeting Agreements

  • 3

    Meeting Element #2 - Conducting

    • Maximizing Engagement

    • Meeting Roles and Minutes

    • Process Checks

  • 4

    Meeting Element #3 - Follow-Up

    • Follow- Up & Review

  • 5

    Next steps

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Learn How To Run More Effective Virtual Meetings!

Maximize the productivity of your team.